About Us

For those of you not already familiar with Nailorder, allow me introduce you to our company.                                                    

Launched in October 1998, Nailorder is a company that was set up by nail technicians for nail technicians. 

I started my career in the nail industry at the tender age of 19.  By my mid 20’s I had opened a salon in Nottingham which soon grew in size to include 9 nail techs, beauty, hair and sunbeds.  In April 1999, we launched our first Nailorder catalogue.  As dedicated nail technicians, myself and my gorgeous nail girls tried, tested and worked with all the products we sold.   If we didn’t like something, it wouldn’t make the catalogue.  For example, I could have paid 3p less for a white sanding block, but the cheap ones were rubbish and didn’t last 5 mins, whereas the ones we sold lasted weeks.  You see, many, many nail companies are set up and managed by non- nail techs, often driven by price and profit not quality. 

By 2003 we were a well know name in the industry and spent the next few years supplying thousands of technicians, salons, colleges and wholesalers.

Ten years on, fast forward to 2013.  There were so many nail companies and products available, especially on sites like ebay, that the sparkle sadly went out of it for me.  Despite continuing with Nailorder, I concentrated on other businesses of the non- beauty kind and Nailorder drifted into the background.

However, I still headed to ‘Cosmoprof’ in Las Vegas every year to keep an eye on things.   When I first saw gel polish, just before it hit the UK, I though ‘great idea but what about natural nails being exposed to acetone every 2-4 weeks?  What happens to gel over acrylic? etc etc’.  Then over the next few years I watched every man and his dog bring out a gel polish range and was horrified to see just how easy it was to get hold of cheap gel.  More often than not these cheap products were full of nasties!  Unfortunately, there were no real stand up regulations in the UK and Europe to stop these nasties filling our shelves. 

Recently I have been talking to my loyal Nailorder customers who have stayed with me through the years.  All of them have realised that most of the cheap stuff out there is exactly that, ‘cheap’!  They have suffered tips that crack down the middle because they are made with poor grade plastic, crystal rhinestones that turned out to be thick, shiny bits of paper…you name it they have suffered it!

Then, more recently, many of us have viewed the widely watched discussion online about the dreaded ‘white bottle’ gel polish from the Far East and Poland.  Can I just say though, that some black bottles also contain the exact same gel polish from the very same companies in question!!  And can I also add, not all gel polishes from the countries named and shamed are guilty as charged. 

I have recently realised we, as an industry are changing.  Even before the current corona virus pandemic, our industry has become ever more conscious about safety, health and hygiene.  We ask questions now like, Is a product vegan friendly?  Is it cruelty free?  Is it recyclable? We care more about what we are putting in and onto our bodies and what impacts our products and packaging have on the environment.   And so we should..!! It is because of these important new challenges that for me, the sparkle has returned!

So it’s time.  It’s time for our industry to stand up and be accountable.  It’s time to stop concentrating on profit and sales and remember what’s important.

Nailorder has always, and will always be known for great quality products at affordable prices.  In this new normality, we have spent the last 18 months looking for our new perfect partner, a company who ticks all the boxes:            Fabulous quality; safe; affordable; vegan friendly; cruelty free and environmentally friendly

And finally we have found products that are all this and more – Color Club

These products are manufactured in New York by a family owned company established in 1979.  Color club has a team of chemists who make sure the products are safe, beautiful, kind and virtually all components used are recyclable, from the bottles and brushes to the packing material.

So it’s with great pleasure we introduce you to Color Club, the future of great colour with no worries.