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Already qualified in acrylic extensions but would like to refresh your skills? Have you completed a quick course and just don't seem to get the results you see from others? Are you unsure what an apex is, don't know how to fully prepare the natural nail, are they looking ugly or are the acrylic nails coming off sooner than expected? 
If any of this sounds like you then this course is what you need! 

During this 1 day course we will go back to basics and dive deep into great detail on all aspects of applying acrylic nail extensions, which will help grow skills and knowledge for any nail tech, aiding each student to perfect their skills and knowledge. 

Dates (9:30-3:30) 
April 26th 

Cost £150
DEPOSIT £50.00
Students should bring all tools and products they use to complete a set of acrylic nails. 
KT-230 Student Acrylic Starter Kit £29.99

Rachel Willis Nails & Education 
19c Roman Road