Level 1 Sculpting (DEPOSIT)

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This is a 1 day course for those who are already qualified in either acrylic, gel or acrygel extensions. Which ever system you are qualified in or which is your preferred system is what you can learn with. Our tutors are extremely advanced in all systems so can tailor the course to students requirements on the day. 
Students will learn 
•correct form fitting 
•customisation of forms 
•form qualities 
•form placements 
•equipment knowledge 
•apex placements 
•nail thickness 
•and much more 

Dates (9:30-3:30pm)
May 18th 
Cost £150

Students are required to bring their own products for either acrylic, gel or acrygel extensions. Students should also bring thin sharp cuticle scissors (RW precision cuticle scissors), pinching tools and forms. If you need any help with kit our tutors can help you.  KT-230 Acrylic Student Kit £29.99

Rachel Willis Nails & Education 
19c Roman Road