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This unit is the ONLY professional Dust/Fine Hair/Pollen etc of it's kind, Sensors that detect Dust and Fine Hair Particles Turn the unit up and down as it detects fine dust and particulates and removes them using  a Triple action Glass Hepa Filter to EU Standard EN 1822-1 which exceeds all required legislation and will remove particles such as dust, pollen, pollutants, to 0.3 microns and above to 99.99% efficiency. (below 0.7 microns is invisible to the human eye.  Suitable for Asthma or Hay Fever Sufferer's.(This unit will remove all dust in the general room but not specific nail dust as it is removed from the nail, this must be removed with a dedicated nail dust extractor ) The Unit is also fitted with Flexzorb Activated Carbon Filter Material in it to increase your virus protection. This unit is PERFECT for HAIRDRESSERS/BARBERS and large BEAUTY SALONS, it will CAPTURE DUST and FINE HAIR that you and your clients will BREATHE IN! With Timers, Sleep mode and Remote Control and 695 metres per HOUR of suction it will clean the air in an average salon 20 TIMES PER HOUR. 

Doug Schoon, Respected Scientist from the USA recently stated:

"Don't fool yourself into thinking all you need is one of those fancy plexiglass sneeze guards. That is NOT enough to protect you and your clients. Of Course I am not opposed to using them but they are not all you need. You will quickly learn that plexiglass attracts dust like a magnet. SO if you use plexiglass you will need to use"source capture ventilation to control dust as well.

It is important to understand that Viruses and other Pathogens do not have"Wings" but they do have "Magic Carpets" -meaning they take rides on dust particles that fly them all around the room for everyone to inhale. Dusts can carry pathogens so if you don't control nail filings/dust you are NOT doing all you can to control potentially infectious pathogens"

"Most Viruses or Bacteria in Nature are Negatively Charged. In 1991 scholars proposed the separation of viruses by using positively charged porous materials with fixed charges on the surface.This method utilises not only the physical separation of pores but also the electrostatic adsobtion of positive charges on the surface and the resultant large pore surfaces can adsorb small sizes bacteria and VIRUSES"---------Royal Society of Chemistry July 2017 

"Today FLEXZORB is the world's leading superior 100% activated carbon cloth used globally in a wide range of applications by industry, defence and medical sectors. It was used initially -and still is to this day - as a protective layer in military clothing and masks against chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) agents. Key to it's function are electrostatic forces within FLEXZORB. These adsorb large volumes of various gases and liquids (Viruses, Bacteria, Body Fluids) Thus it acts as a high purity filter, a separation method or a protective layer,---FLEXZORB 

"FLEXZORB activated carbon cloth underwent a series of antiviral tests carried out by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). FLEXZORB proved to be an effective anti viral textile capable of CAPTURING, RETAINING and DEACTIVATING A VIRUS. The deactivation of a virus could be further enhanced by the addition of SILVER to FLEXZORB. Capture levels increased with increasing layers of Flexzorb. Of the virus captured 99.9998% was retained within FLEXZORB when challanged with an airflow of 30l/min for 1 minute. FLEXZORB  proved to be UNIQUE in it's ability to deactivate a viruswithout chemical intervention. Deactivation rates of up to 98% were achieved by FLEXZORB containing SILVER--HEALTH PROTECTION AGENCY PORTON DOWN ENGLAND.


For a limited period and subject to stock Ravair will be adding FLEXZORB with Pure Impregnated SILVER to their Air Purifiers with NO EXTRA CHARGE. Ravair Wall Mounted Air Purifiers are already filled with Activated Carbon (Also ANTI-VIRAL) and EU Standard EN 1822-1 Glass Hepa Filters. This addition of Flexzorb will further help in the fight against bacteria and Virus. This unit also has Activated Caron Filters but if Removal of Acrylic Fumes is required the the SALON PRO FUME EXTRACTOR IS RECOMMENDED.

RAVAIR Ltd are providing this FLEXZORB ANTI-VIRAL FILTER no cost  and in no way take any responsibility or liabilities to its effectiveness or use. All claims are made by the manufacturer and backed by an Independent 28 Page Report from HPA PORTON DOWN ENGLAND of which RAVAIR LTD have a copy.

Always wash your hands thoroughly  it has been announced that most infection occurs from hand to mouth. This means if you touch an infected surface (face-mask) and then touch your nose or mouth  without scrubbing your hands or using a hand sanitizer with over 60% ethyl alcohol content before hand you have much higher chance of catching a virus.

* I year warranty, (must use Ravair Activated Carbon in refills)
* Remote Control
* Patented Vortex Technology 

* MUST BE RETURNED UNDAMAGED AND IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING, AND NOT USED IN A PUBLIC PLACE, SALON ETC. Ravair Ltd Cannot accept units back that have been used in a public place for any reason other than malfunction for obvious reasons in this pandemic. also subject to correct use of machine and manufacturers decision.

Health and Safety awareness in the Salon or when mobile are vital aspects of Nail, Hair and Beauty Profession. The way you work has a direct impact on your health and the health of your clients. Professionals must comply with relevant Health and Safety Legislation that is designed to create a safe environment for everyone. This will result in higher levels of bookings and repeat business, as clients value their health and will chose a Salon or Mobile Therapist that shows they do as well.
It is well known, and published by many companies in their Material Safety Documents, that there are many toxic and noxious fumes and chemicals in various polishes and monomers that salons and mobile therapists regularly use. Nail Dust, (with chemicals on), most of which is invisible to the eye, WILL damage your respiratory system and lungs and can also damage your eyes and is irreversible! Health and Safety Regulations are in place in the form of COSHH SR13- The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations which have been developed to control exposure and protect workers health.Masks are not enough.
Ravair have developed, over many years, a revolutionary, patented, Floor Standing and Desk Top Fume Extractor. This extractor exceeds the performance required in the SR13 and will not only protect your health, and that of your client, you will also easily comply with the regulations should you have a visit from your local Trading Standards Officer. and NOW a revolutionary FLOOR STANDING DUST EXTRACTOR.

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The following information is included in the Material Data Sheet Information for one of the Leading Manufacturers of Acrylic Nail Products and is freely available on their website.

Risk Phrases : Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
Primary route of exposure : Skin and eyes contact. Inhalation of dust.
Symptoms relating to use
- Inhalation : May cause irritation to the respiratory tract and to other mucous membranes.
Cough. Shortness of breath.
- Skin contact : Redness, pain.
- Eye contact : Pain. Redness. Tears.
- Ingestion : Not expected to present a significant ingestion hazard under anticipated conditions
of normal use. Must not come into contact with food or be consumed