SERENDIPITY Prime Bond 15ml (and dip application instruction) S05OTBND

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1-Prep nails, shape, remove shine using soft file or block, remove dust

2-Apply BOND to first finger, brush lightly with medium pressure to ensure an even application, apply swiftly and do not flood cuticles

3-then dip finger into powder using a scooping motion, tap finger against edge of jar

4-repeat on each finger on first hand, once finished remove all dust with nailorder fan brush NA-047 ensuring powder is removed from cuticle and sides.

5-if extra strength or depth of colour is needed, repeat 2-4 

6-apply a generous amount of Instant Activator to all 5 fingers, ensure to cover edges and cap off tips of nails. (Always allow activator to dry for 1-2 mins before filing).

7-repeat steps 2-6 on second hand

8-once dry use a soft white block and if necessary soft file to correct any imperfections and thickness around cuticle, do this carefully until nail is smooth and neat, if you chip into the colour you must re dip.

9-remove all dust and apply another coat of Activator to all nails, then using a dry lint free pad wipe the surface of all nails

(at this stage you can apply a gel top coat if you do not have or do not want to use Bond Gloss)

10-apply Bond Gloss to first hand, this first coat should be applied in 2-3 very quick brush strokes and very thin, do not worry about getting too close to the cuticle area or capping the edges.

11-wait 15 seconds then continue on same hand and apply a slower more detailed, second coat of Bond Gloss capping the edges and ensuring complete coverage, however do not over brush.

12-repeat 10-11 on second hand.

13-after nails have air dried for  2 minutes apply cuticle oil to finish.

TIP after each completed application clean your brush with a lint free wipe.  Dip any hardened brush into the Brush Softener and wipe with a paper towel before re using.